Mar. 21, 2017

Single Red Shoe


"Single Red Shoe" by ML Huff

While I was driving in my car listening to world news.
I merged onto the freeway and passed a single red shoe.

As I hear about alternative truths and immoral intent I couldn't help but wonder...
The life of the person on which that red shoe spent.

Was it a hopeful teen with stars in their eyes...
Or a shoe left from an accident carrying the burden of loved ones cries?

Was it a symbol of giving to the less fortunate and lost along its way...or the result of road rage, anger and hate displayed?

Wondering about the lives and journies of those within our reach.
Increasing empathy or ignoring sympathy, which belief do you preach?

Better yet, How far will you reach?
Far enough to UNITE with ALL walks of life including those who struggle and strife?

Far enough to RESIST what is wrong, FIGHT for whats right, encourage the good and embrace our rights?

Be aware and Learn that we are united as a whole. Quit A profound realization from just a single red shoe and its tattered sole.

But know, from the sole of this shoe to the soul within you; this story CAN be told....

BY those who STILL Find HOPE in HUMANITY and contain compassion during this life...
Filled with INSANITY.

-ML Huff
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Michelle L Huff