Feb. 17, 2016

How do you pursue connectivity?

I recently came across an old journal I had kept to earn extra credit for my awesome 8th grade Social Studies Teacher at the age of 13 that I would like to share a portion of with you.  

It reads: " June 20 - Well!  I have a got a great goal!  I would LOVE to be an artist.  An artist who drew things to make people think.  Some people have lives that are not even thought about.  It makes me stop and think how easy I have it.  I just hope I don't make some stupid mistake! (that part makes me laugh) I want to draw the good, bad, happy and sad people in this world.  I want the people that have it easy to think about and maybe help the sad and lonely people.  I wish I knew a way I could help them.  Maybe with God's help, I can find a way to make this world better"


I am certainly not implying that my art or drawings as I put it back then have the ability to make this world better but I do believe that anything that provokes thought which in turn creates a conversation among strangers, or possibly implies Hope or Understanding that you are not alone; can certainly not be a bad start.  

We live in a disconnected world, and I truly believe that all forms of arts, whether it be in the form of visual art, musical, lyrical and theatrical have the amazing ability to connect people beyond our mobile devices.  I feel this form of human interaction and connectivity is essential to our well being and am so very honored to be pursuing what I feel, I was hardwired for.  Whether I achieve MY personal goals or not, this drive within me cannot and will not be ignored.  I will pursue until I am no longer capable.  This is MY way of connection even though its quit ironic that when I'm painting or working on a project, I am so focused on what I am doing that I am more DISconnected.  Hmmm...I guess the connection begins with sharing my passion and love for creating art that makes people think.

So, How do you pursue connectivity?

PS...I am going on very little sleep and have never written a Blog before so thought...why not?  I also failed to mention that when I was 5 years old, I told my mother that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up and do nothing...lol  Obviously I didn't have a CLUE!

I will leave this entry with an old class art project I had done at the age of 13 that was displayed in my middle school art exhibit by my 1st art hero and teacher, Mr. Rung in Iowa AFTER I had already moved to Oregon.  So, my oldest brother went to the schhool and took a photo pointing at my class project on display to send me.  (Obviously, it was pretty important to me as I STILL have this old photo today...again, just makes smile how some things change SO drastically yet others stay the same)


 Sweet dreams to you all!

Michelle L Huff