My original works range in a variety of mixed mediums.  Using acrylics, spray paint, oils, encaustics, water color, pen and ink to pretty much whatever moves me at the time.  

I enjoy exploring the many possibilities that art can provide and as most creative thinkers will admit or are well known for, they love that challenge of knowing that at any given moment a mistake can be made but also know that that one mistake can either open another possibility of self discovery and exploration in a different direction or it can be the opposite by becoming that crucial part of your masterpiece that adds that flare it may have been lacking. Discovering this has led me to pursuing a variety of artistic endeavers and challenges that bring me great joy and pride in accomplishing what others find too challenging to want to try.  

I have had the opportunity to show and sell my original works in galleries throughout Texas in Houston, Kingwood, Galveston, Austin, and The Woodlands along with being a part of Art Crawl several years in a row amongst thousands of incredibly talented artists of all walks of life.

The creative flow and vibe from being around such passionate individuals brings an abundance amount of inspiration and rejuvinating excitment which drives me to continue to explore my passion.