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About Me

I started my love of art at an early age and with enthusiastic and supportive instructors, my love of art quickly became a passion.

I began painting murals and faux finishes in 1994 as a freelance artist which allowed me to pursue my passion and raise my daughter who is now 21 years of age.  I continue working with designers and clients painting custom murals, creating multi media works in the interior design industry along with creating handpainted "pawtraits" as a vendor for LiveOak Pet services for the last 5 years where I create custom keepsakes for pet owners that have their beloved pets paw impression in ceramic clay on one side and their hand painted portrait "pawtrait" on the other side.  

I have recently acquired a love for photography as well ranging from commissioned photography for designers to display their work, for realtors to help create maximum quality photographs of homes on the market, commissioned candid photos for special events and special occassions to shooting creative fine art photography as well.

Most creative minds enjoy exploring MANY aspects of design and I am not the acception.  I enjoy repurposing what some may call trash into creating works of art or just useful pieces of furniture out of remnant materials or salvaged wood.

Needless to say, I enjoy experimenting with all aspects of media and design and take pride in turning a simple idea into a creative masterpiece. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery of photos and feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have.


Michelle L. Huff


"BRINKLEY & BUTTERCUP" start to client reaction

Faux Life Timelapse

"Eyes on the Future" Series

Latest Installations

Feb. 24, 2016

"Somebody's Watching Me"

Click on "Somebody's Watching me" link to view my latest Installation completed this week. The client had decal wallpaper border with a very cool abstract look. The red border was painted, the old wallpaper border repaired and prepared for installation. See before and after photos on my installation page!


27.02.2021 23:18


Hey Michelle I want to say hi also how do you sell art I want to buy some but idk how

28.07.2020 04:15

Miss Bennett Bergstrom


14.06.2020 02:54

Mrs. Carol Volkman


02.06.2020 03:45

Eloisa Schowalter


20.05.2020 03:24

David Donaldson

Amazing art work! I am very impressed with your talents!

20.05.2020 03:31

Michelle L Huff

Thank You David!!!

15.05.2020 15:54

Ellie Walker


25.04.2020 16:24

Katlyn Wehner


09.06.2016 02:46

Erin Lunceford

My contractors said that you could make barn doors for my pantry and laundry room.

04.08.2017 17:00

ML Huff

I can! Although it is not really my forte'
If you have facebook, check out
They do good work.

02.03.2016 23:18

Sue Walmsley Amash

I'd really like to talk about a hanging door project.

713 869 2600